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The artist lives and works at his studio and home on Konglungen island along the Oslo fjord in Asker, Norway.

Education:The State School of Art and HandicraftThe State Academy of Fine Art10 years of training in the "old masters" techniques, with the artist Rolf Schoenfeld.

His art has been shown at individual and group exhibitions throughout Norway.

He has painted many different subjects, including animals, still-life and landscapes. However, a core of his work has been portraiture and the artistic rendering of the Human subject is practised by him with great delight.His art is displayed in private homes in Europe and the United States.

Techniques:Painting using tempera and oils.Graphic art employing drypoint, etching and lithography.Drawing.

Henrik McDougall  |  Konglungveien 16  |  1392 Vettre    |   Norge   |  +47 992 32 227   |

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